Wm. L. Allison (1869-1892) / Wm. L. Allison Co. (1893-1899)

William L. Allison succeeded the T. O'Kane publishing firm in 1869. In the late 1880's and 1890's this firm was best known for its numerous series of cheap reprints.

The founder, William L. Allison, died in 1893.

Tom Brown books are in a number of its series and figuring out which books belong to which series has been difficult to determine. In addition dating the Allison Tom Brown's is also a challenge. Allison incorporated in 1893 so any book with the Co./Company on the imprint was published in 1893 or later. Most of the Tom Brown's appear to date from no earlier than the late 1880's. Two exceptions are the American Chandos Series and the Best Editions of Popular 12 Mos. Both of these series were published as early as 1882. The former series included both Tom Brown's and the latter series included just School Days at Rugby. As more information is discovered, it will be included here.

Allison's Select Library was a long running series (1892-1899). Both Tom Brown's were included in this series.

I believe that all the Allison Tom Brown's initially had dust jackets.

Allison's Select Library 1892

New Standard Library- 1895

Allison's Standard Library- pre 1895

Arundel Edition- pre 1893

Arundel Edition- post 1893

Arundel Edition- post 1897

Unknown Series- post 1893

Unknown Series- post 1893

Unknown Series- post 1893

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