Burrows Brothers Company (1887)

The Burrows Brothers Company of Cleveland, Ohio published the Sterling Series in 1887. From all appearances it is identical to the 50 volume Butler Brothers publisher's series printed in the same year. The Burrows series however included both School Days at Oxford and School Days (at Rugby). It is quite certain that this series of books had dust jackets although one has not as yet been seen.

Chas. W. and Harris B. Burrows opened their book and stationery store in November, 1872. Charles was a West Point graduate and had previously worked with the Boston publisher Lee and Shepard. Their publishing business began by 1875. Burrows incorporated in 1886 and absorbed the business of a competitor, E. L. Schinkel, formerly of Brooks, Scinkel and Company at that time. The brothers sold out in 1912. The publishing business was discontinued at that time.

Here is the Burrows Brothers' store in 1900.

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