A. L. Burt (1883-late teens)

New York. Burt was founded by Albert Burt in 1883. It was mainly a publisher of reprinted books in series. Burt incorporated in 1902.

Thus, books published in 1902 or later have A. L. Burt Company on the title page whereas pre-1902 books note A. L. Burt, Publisher on the title page.

Pre-1902 publication

1902 or later publication

The Tom Brown books were part of several A. L. Burt (Company) series.

Burt's Home Library is a large multi-volume publisher's series of reprints. This series was started in 1890 and ran into the 1930's. Multiple mostly blind stamped covers were utilized. Both Tom Brown titles were published in this series.

In 1896 School Days was published in the Sea and Land Series which ran for several years.

The 100 volume Montauk Series included both books in 1898-1899.

Another large multi-volume series is the Cornell Series. It ran from 1898 until 1915. Both Tom Brown's were part of this series.

The Excelsior Series consisted of two volume sets. These sets were published between 1897 and approximately 1912.

Burt published the Columbia Series at the turn of the century. This series consisted of two volume boxed sets one of which included both Tom Brown books.

The Manhattan Series was published in 1900. This is another multi-volume reprint series which included both Tom Brown books.

The Oxford Series included only School Days among its sixty volumes. It was published from 1909 into the late teens. Numerous different juvenile motif covers have been seen.

The Rugby Series for Boys included both Tom Brown's between 1900 and the early teens. This series was made up of stories/books for juvenile boys.

Home Library (1889-1893)

Home Library (1894-1897)

Home Library (pre-1902)

Home Library Dust jacket (post-1902)

Home Library (post- 1902)

Sea and Land Series 1896

Unknown Series (pre-1902)

Montauk Library 1898-1899

Manhattan Series (representative cover)

Rugby Series (1900-Teens)

Rugby Series (pre-1902)

Rugby Series (pre-1902)

Cornell Series Dust Jacket (post-1902)

Cornell Series (post-1902)

Excelsior Series (post-1902)

Oxford Series Dust Jacket (1909-Late teens)

Oxford Series (1909-Late teens)

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