Henry T. Coates and Company (1895-1904)

Philadelphia. Henry T. Coates and Company succeeded Porter and Coates and was bought out by John Winston Company in 1904.

During its short publishing life this company published the Tom Brown books in a number of different formats. It continued the Porter and Coates Alta Series until 1904. The earliest Henry T. Coates' Alta Editions had the same format as the Porter and Coates' Alta books. At one point in the mid-1890's the format changed (see below). Some of the early books in this new format still had Porter and Coates on the title page. This series had both Tom Brown's.

Another series which included Tom Brown's School Days was the 202 volume 12 mos. Acorn Library.

Coates also printed a large paper limited edition (125 copies) School Days between 1896 and 1902.

In 1900 a copy of School Days with 5 photogravures was published.

In 1901 another new edition of School Days with 22 illustrations- crown 8 vo. was published.

In 1902 a new 8vo crown edition of School Days with 6 photogravures was produced by Coates.

Early Alta edition

Later Alta edition

Unknown Edition

Unknown Series

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