W. B. Conkey Company (Early 1900's)

Chicago and Hammond, Indiana.

Walter B. Conkey founded his company in 1877. It was a bindery and printer until it began to publish books on its own imprint in the late 1890's. The publishing plant was located in Hammond, Indiana. It mainly published reprints of fiction and classics in its numerous publisher's series.

In the early 1900's Conkey published the Tom Brown books in a number of series. These series included the Homewood Series, New Cameo Series, New Library Edition, New Oxford Series, Calumet Series, Varsity Series, World's Best Books (half leather), Gold Top Series, Young Folks' Standard Classics.

New Cameo Series (both Tom Brown titles)

New Oxford Series. There are several different cover formats for this series. This one is plain blindstamped with gold gilt spine lettering. Both titles are part of this series.

Varsity Series for Boys. This series only had Tom Brown's School Days in its list.
Multiple cover pictures have been seen.

Young Folks' Standard Classics which was a 22 book series included both Tom Brown books. 7.75 x 5.75 (large 12 mo.)

Homewood Series. (Both titles). Different covers for different years are noted.
1902 edition

1904 edition

Famous Gold Top Series 1904 (Both titles)

New Library Edition (Both titles)

World's Best Books (Both titles)

Unknown Series

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