Thomas Y. Crowell and Company (1879-1902)

In 1870 Thomas Y. Crowell, successor to Benjamin Bradley, opened its doors for business. In 1875 after purchasing the stock of a small religious publisher, Warren and Wyman, Thomas Y. Crowell became Thomas Y. Crowell and Company. For more than a century this New York publishing house was a major player in the publishing world. Its book lists included numerous titles from all areas of literary endeavor.

Crowell's Tom Brown books included both series and non series publications. This publisher was a fairly prolific publisher of the Tom Brown's.

In 1879 a 16 mos. School Days at Rugby was published in gilt and black.

In 1882 the Star Series included School-Days. It was a 12 mos. book. This is a 15 book series which came with a dust jacket.

In 1889 a new special non series edition of School Days was published. It had 53 illustrations done by Andrew. Three different formats of this book were printed. a 12 mo. cloth at $1.00, a full gilt at $2.50 and an Edition de luxe which was limited to 250 numbered copy and sold for $5.00.

Also in 1889 the Astor Library of Standard Literature included both Tom Brown books in half Russia leather.

In 1890 The Waverley Series of Famous Books included Tom Brown at Rugby. This 20 volume series of individually boxed books had gilt edges.

In 1893 the 26 volume New Illustrated Library both Tom Brown's (Oxford is two volumes) were included. They had photogravure frontispieces. This series was published into the early 1900's. School Days was illustrated by H. W. Peirce. Oxford at 34 reproduction photographs of the Oxford area.
Four different formats were published.
1. Full cloth-gilt top
2. White back and corners, fancy paper on the side
3. Half calf
4. Silk with full gilt edges (1893-1894)

The Standard Library in 1894 included both Tom Brown's in 12 mos. cloth with gilt top edges.

The Westminster Library of Poetry and Prose (1894-1902) had School Days in its list.

The 24 volume Alhambra and Lotus Series of Prose and Poetry included School Days. This series was published in the mid-1890's. Two formats, parti-colored cloth and silk stamped in gold gilt have been noted.

The Waldorf Library of the late 1890's and early 1900's published both titles in cloth with a gilt top.

In 1899 the Somerset Edition published both titles as a two volume boxed set.

Non Series 1889 Edition Deluxe

Astor Library of Standard Literature

New Illustrated Library- White back Edition 1893

Standard Library

Westminster Library of Poetry and Prose

Alhambra and Lotus Series of Poetry and Prose

Waldorf Library

Somerset Edition

Early 1890's full gilt

1893 Oxford edition with photographs of Oxford.

Unknown Series

Unknown Series

Unknown Series

Unknown Series

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