Henneberry Company, Chicago (1901-1907)

The Henneberry Company was founded in 1901. Donohue, Henneberry and Company was established in 1879. In 1900 Michael A. Donohue bought out the interest of H. P. Henneberry in the latter firm and founded Donohue Brothers. Thereafter the Henneberry Company was started in 1901.

Tom Brown's School Days appeared in a number of Henneberry Company Series. In 1901 it was part of the New Century Series, Illustrated Boys and Girls' Library and the Young Folk's Standard Classics. Presumably there are other series. It is likely that Henneberry published Tom Brown only in series form.

New Century Edition- 1901

School Days was published in the 100 volume Henneberry's Illustrated Boys' and Girls' Library. These books are also 12 mos., cost 75 cents and came with dust jackets. Each book has the same cover and jacket except for the title.

Young Folks' Standard Classics was a series of ten books. The books cost $1.25 and are large 12 mos. (5.5 x 8) volumes. They were published with dust jackets. Each cover is different and book appropriate.

Unknown Series

Unknown Series (Published before or in 1904)

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