Macmillan and Company (1870-1900's)

This English publisher established its American branch, Macmillan and Company in New York on Bleeker Street in 1869. The firm published books in numerous categories. In 1896 the name changed to The Macmillan Company

Macmillan published the first editions of both titles in England. Its first American titles were published in 1870. Throughout the years Macmillan published the Tom Brown titles in series and as non-series books.

In 1870:
School Days was printed in four different formats
1. Popular Edition
2. Golden Treasury Edition
3. Foolscap Edition
4. Illustrated Edition, small 4 to.

Oxford was published in only one edition in 1870 with illustrations by Sidney Hall

The Golden Treasury Series was published into the 1890's. In 1893 the books of this series were published in cloth, half Morocco, half calf, padded calf and full limp Morocco.

By 1875 School Days was published in the Golden Treasury Series , People's Edition (through the 1890's), a seven illustration 8 vo. edition and a 60 illustrations by A. Hughes and Sydney Hall book.

Oxford and School Days were published in Macmillan and Company's Works of Fiction Series in 1875.

In 1879 Macmillan published both titles in its Series of Popular Novels and School Days in its Series of Books for the Young. Both titles were printed in a 12 mos. non series edition

By 1881 both titles appeared in Macmillan's Dollar and a Half Series of Books for the Young. This series included eight books and the book were sold as a set or separately. School Days was published in a pocket edition in this series as well as a 12 mo. size book.

A paper edition (4 to.) of School Boys was printed in 1882 -the Popular Edition. It sold for a dime. Other paper versions were printed into the 1890's

In 1897 Tom Brown's School Days was added to the Macmillan Cranford Series. It is a crown octavo book with full gilt.

Throughout the next 20 years individual editions of non series copies of both books were published.

In 1908 MacMillan's Pocket Classics were published with only one Tom Brown book, Schooldays. This little book is 6 x 4.5.

Dollar and a Half Book for the Young

The two Tom Brown books in this format were also sold within a labeled box.
Here is the 1885 boxed set.

MacMillan's Pocket Classics 1910

Unknown Edition

Unknown Edition

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