M. A. Donohue and Company, Chicago, New York

The Donohue Brothers firm succeeded Donohue, Henneberry in 1900. Michael A. Donohue and William Henneberry founded Donohue, Henneberry and Company in 1879. Initially it was exclusively a bookbinder but as time went on it did more and more publishing. As with most of the reprint publishers of this era, a majority of its books were published as parts of a publisher's series.

In 1900 Donohue petitioned a local circuit court to legally help dissolve the partnership between him and William Henneberry. Apparently the partners had been unable to come to an amicable dissolution of their partnership. In April, 1900 Donohue started up a new firm with his sons, Donohue Brothers. Soon after its founding the Donohue Brothers purchased the plates of the W. L. Allison Company, a prominent New York book publisher. By 1901 Donohue had purchased Henneberry's share, combined it with the Donohue Brothers and continued the business under the M. A. Donohue and Co. name. Associated with Donohue were his sons - Michael A. Donohue Jr., J. W. Donohue, W. F. Donohue, and E. T. Donohue. Henneberry continued in the book publishing business as the Henneberry Company.

This house published the Tom Brown books in a number of different series between 1901 and the 1930's. Early series included the New Alpine Edition, Bound to Win Series and the College Library for Boys.

This book is from the Bound to Win Series.

The book shown below appears to be from the 1930's.

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