Porter and Coates (1867-1895)

Porter and Coates was a Philadelphia publisher active between 1867 and 1895. It was the successor to Davis and Porter (1848-1866) and Davis, Porter and Coates (1866-1867) and the predecessor to Henry T. Coates (1895-1904).

Probably known the most for publishing juvenile works (Alger, Castlemon, Elllis, etc), it also printed numerous other types of books. Its Alta series consisted of several hundred titles and was an extremely popular publisher's series in the 1880's and 1890's

Porter and Coates published both Tom Brown books in a number of different formats.

In 1876 its "Author's Edition" of 12 mos. books consisted of two formats- cloth and half calf. In this series a combination title Tom Brown at Rugby and Oxford was printed.

An 1880 ad notes both Tom Brown's in 12 mo cloth.

In 1881 a new illustrated edition of School days at Rugby was published.

In 1882 several formats of the Tom Brown's were advertised: School Days was published in the Alta Series, half calf, and 12 mo. with 36 illustrations after Caldecott. Most likely the former two are the same books that were noted in 1876. At Oxford was printed in half calf and cloth with black and gold decorations.

By 1887 the Alta edition of Oxford was added to that series.

In 1890 a limited edition (250 copies) with large paper was published.

By 1893 Schooldays was published in 5 formats:
1. 12 mo. 22 Caldecott-like photogravures
2. 3/4 calf with 22 photogravures
3. Large paper edition, 22 photogravures. Limited to 125 copies
4. Large clear type 12 mo. with 36 illustrations after Caldecott
5. The Alta Edition

In 1893 Oxford was published in only the Alta Series and a 12 mo. with extra cloth.

12 mos.-1880's

Alta Edition Series 1880-1890's

Early 1890's- 22 photogravures (12 mo.)

1893 Large Paper Edition. #22/125

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