Rand, McNally and Company (Late 1890's)

This Chicago publisher succeeded William H. Rand in 1873. Although best known as a map and atlas printer, it published numerous fiction and non fiction books with the fiction tales mainly being in series form. It is still active today.

Beginning in the late 1890's both Tom Brown books were part of a number of Rand, McNally and Company series.

These series include the American Series, Atlantic Library of Popular and Standard Twelve Mos., Twentieth Century Series, Independent Series, Alpha Library, Blue Bell Library, Advance Library, Half Calf Library (Oxford only), Junior Library, Greek Lamp Library, and the Rand-McNally School Library.

American Series (Library) (1898-1901)

Alpha Library

Rand-McNally School Library (late 1890's)

Atlantic Library of popular and standard 12 mos. early 1900's

Junior Library (1906-teens)

Junior Library (1906-teens)

Independent Series (Library) 1901-1910

Twentieth Century 12 Mos. Series -Early 1900's

Advance Library-Early 1900's

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