James Whitcomb Riley

Weeks published two Riley titles in 1895:
-A Tinkle of Bells and Other Poems
-The Days Gone By and Other Poems

Both books were only published in cloth and were 75 cents each. Although their covers are the same as one of the Handy Volume cover formats for 1895, neither book is part of the Handy Volume booklist. Each is 4.25 x 6.25.

Riley was obviously not pleased with the Weeks piracy. In 1896 he secured a judgment against Weeks (as well as another pirate, George W. Ogilvie) for publishing unauthorized copyrighted materials. The judgment of the court included an order to allow confiscation of the plates, books and sheets of the Riley works.

These unauthorized works are uncommon. This is probably explained by the fact that the books were first published in December, 1895 and by March, 1896 they were no longer being printed because of the court order.