Handy Volume Series

Topic: Miscellaneous fiction Publish Dates: 1895-1898 Volumes: 75 Formats: 1
Title: Author: Year: Illustrator:
1 Ships that Pass in the Night Beatrice Harraden  
2 Love Letters of a Worldly Woman Mrs. W. K. Clifford  
3 String of Amber Beads Martha Everts Holden  
4 Lucile Owen Meredith  
5 At the Green Dragon Beatrice Harraden  
6 Dolly Dialogues Anthony Hope  
7 Things Will Take a Turn Beatrice Harraden  
8 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Lewis Carroll  
9 Phillip Brooks' Addresses Phillip Brooks  
10 Abbe Constantin Ludovic Halevy  
11 Autocrat of the Breakfast Table O. W. Holmes  
12 Black Beauty Anna Sewell  
13 Beyond the City Arthur Conan Doyle  
14 Sign of the Four Arthur Conan Doyle  
15 Study in Scarlet Arthur Conan Doyle  
16 Kidnapped Robert Louis Stevenson  
17 Prince Otto Robert Louis Stevenson  
18 Stickit Minister S. Rutherford Crockett  
19 Change of Air Anthony Hope  
20 Sport Royal Anthony Hope  
21 Mystery of Cloomber Arthur Conan Doyle  
22 Man of Mark Anthony Hope  
23 Master and Man Count Leo Tolstoi  
24 My Friend the Murderer Arthur Conan Doyle  
25 Master of Ballantrae Robert Louis Stevenson  
26 Chiffon's Marriage Gyp  
27 Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush Ian Maclaren  
28 Crown of Wild Olive John Ruskin  
29 Past and Present Thomas Carlyle  
30 Princess Alfred Lord Tennyson  
31 Queen of the Air John Ruskin  
32 Little Loo W. Clark Russell  
33 She's All the World to Me Hall Caine  
34 Evangeline Henry Longfellow  
35 Uncle Tom's Cabin Harriet Beecher Stowe  
36 Ten Nights in a Bar Room T. S. Arthur  
37 Drummond's Addresses Henry Drummond  
38 Bracebridge Hall Washington Irving  
39 Bacon's Essays Francis Bacon  
40 Childe Harold's Pilgrimage Lord Byron  
41 Cranford Mrs. E. C. Gaskell  
42 Dream Life Ik Mitchell  
43 Dreams Olive Schreiner  
44 Whittier's Poems John Greenleaf Whittier  
45 Sartor Resartus Thomas Carlyle  
46 Emerson's Essays 1st Series Ralph Waldo Emerson  
47 Emerson's Essays 2nd Series Ralph Waldo Emerson  
48 House of Seven Gables Nathaniel Hawthorne  
49 Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow Jerome K. Jerome  
50 Idylls of the King Alfred Lord Tennyson  
51 Imitation of Christ Thomas Kempis  
52 Light of Asia Edwin Arnold  
53 Longfellow's Poems Henry Longfellow  
54 Lowell's Poems James Russell Lowell  
55 Lady of the Lake Sir Walter Scott  
56 Lalla Rookh Thomas Moore  
57 Sesame and Lilies John Ruskin  
58 Mosses from an Old Manse Nathaniel Hawthorne  
59 Marmion Sir Walter Scott  
60 Natural Law in the Spiritual World Henry Drummond  
61 Paul and Virginia Bernadin de Sainte Pierre  
62 Pleasures of Life John Lubbock  
63 Reveries of a Bachelor Ik Mitchell  
64 Representative Men Ralph Waldo Emerson  
65 Scarlet Letter Nathaniel Hawthorne  
66 Sketch Book Washington Irving  
67 Twice Told Tales Nathaniel Hawthorne  
68 Tales from Shakespeare Charles and Mary Lamb  
69 Vicar of Wakefield Oliver Goldsmith  
70 Rab and His Friends John Brown  
71 Paradise Lost John Milton  
72 Burns' Poems Robert Burns  
73 Tanglewood Tales Nathaniel Hawthorne  
74 Wonder Book for Boys and Girls Nathaniel Hawthorne  
75 Auld Licht Idylls James Barrie  
Format 1- E. A. Weeks and Co. Various colors and decorative front covers. Numerous colors. Stamped on side and back in silver. 16 mo. Volumes 1-75

Format 2- Weeks Publishing Company. Various colors and decorative front covers. Numerous colors. Stamped on side and back in silver. 16 mo. Volumes 1-75

Series Notes:
1. Titles #1-4 were first advertised in December, 1894.
2. #1-26 were published in 1895.

These five book covers were published in 1895-1896 by E. A. Weeks and Co.


These Handy Volume books were published by the Weeks Publishing Company in 1897-1898. This format has also been seen with both E.A. Weeks and Company (1895-1896) as well as Weeks Publishing Company title page imprints.

The books below are examples of 1899 George M. Hill Handy Volume published books using the earlier E. A. Weeks and Company title pages. Note the similarity between these covers and the earlier Weeks' covers. Later formats of Hill's Handy Volume Series had Geo. M. Hill title page imprints.