Marguerite Series

Topic: Miscellaneous but mostly works of fiction Publish Dates: 1893-1898 Volumes: 130 Formats: 1
Title: Author: Year: Illustrator:
1 Romance of Two Worlds Marie Corelli 1893
2 Won by Waiting Edna Lyall  
3 Second Wife E. Marlitt  
4 First Violin Jessie Fothergill  
5 Old Mam'selle's Secret E. Marlitt  
6 Her Girlhood's Lover Bertha Clay  
7 Foiled by Love Bertha Clay 1893
8 For the Term of His Natural Life Marcus Clarke  
9 Was She to Blame? Mrs. Alexander  
10 When a Woman Loves Beatrice Marean  
11 Miss Good-for-Nothing W. Heimburg 1893
11a Pair of Brown Eyes Bertha Clay  
12 Humors of the Fair Julian Hawthorne 1893
13 Owl's Nest E. Marlitt 1893
14 That Fair False Woman Mrs. M. A. Holmes  
15 Unwilling Bride Mrs. M. A. Holmes 1893
16 Thelma Marie Corelli  
17 Lucile Owen Meredith  
18 Dodo E. F. Benson  
19 Chaplain’s Daughter W. Heimburg 1894
20 In the Depths W. Heimburg  
21 Ships that Pass in the Night Beatrice Harraden  
22 Love Letters of a Worldly Woman Mrs. W. K. Clifford  
23 Regine Hermann Sudermann 1894
24 Yellow Aster Iota  
25 String of Amber Beads Martha Everts Holden  
26 Workingman's Wife F. Fredericks 1894
27 Vendetta Marie Corelli  
28 Ardath Marie Corelli  
29 Man of Mystery Leon Lewis 1894
30 Umbrella Mender Beatrice Harraden  
31 Not Like Other Girls Rosa N. Carey  
32 Wormwood Marie Corelli  
33 Her Shadowed Life Beatrice Marean  
34 White Hoods Max Eking  
35 Only the Governess Rosa N. Carey  
36 Micah Clarke Arthur Conan Doyle  
37 At the Green Dragon Beatrice Harraden  
38 Fireman's Heart Beatrice Marean  
39 Eyes Like the Sea Maurus Jokai  
40 Princess of the Moor E. Marlitt 1894
41 Sign of the Four Arthur Conan Doyle 1894
42 Study in Scarlet Arthur Conan Doyle  
43 Captain of the Polestar Arthur Conan Doyle  
44 Firm of Girdlestone Arthur Conan Doyle  
45 Deemster Hall Caine  
46 Bondman Hall Caine 1895
47 Things Will Take a Turn Beatrice Harraden  
48 Dolly Dialogues Anthony Hope  
49 White Company Arthur Conan Doyle  
50 Treasure Island Robert Louis Stevenson  
51 Shadow of a Crime Hall Caine  
52 Abbe Constantin Ludovic Halevy  
53 Black Beauty Anna Sewell  
54 Quill Driver E. Werner  
55 Beyond the City Arthur Conan Doyle  
56 Kidnapped Robert Louis Stevenson  
57 Kodak Woman Bertha Clay  
58 For Another's Fault W. Heimburg  
59 Gold Elsie E. Marlitt  
60 Beauty’s Daughters The Duchess 1895
61 Maiden All Forlorn The Duchess  
62 Prince Otto Robert Louis Stevenson 1895
63 Change of Air Anthony Hope 1895
64 Stickit Minister S. Rutherford Crockett  
65 O, Tender Dolores The Duchess  
66 Son of Hagar Hall Caine  
67 Sport Royal Anthony Hope 1896
68 Mystery of Cloomber Arthur Conan Doyle  
69 Mortal Coil Grant Allen  
70 Lady with the Rubies E. Marlitt  
71 In the Schillingscourt E. Marlitt  
72 Master of Ballantrae Robert Louis Stevenson  
73 Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen  
74 Man of Mark Anthony Hope  
75 Wild Ass's Skin Honore de Balzac  
76 My Friend the Murderer Arthur Conan Doyle  
77 Trumpet Major Thomas Hardy  
78 Clifton's Marriage Gyp  
79 Hypatia Charles Kingsley  
80 Westward Ho! Charles Kingsley  
81 Egyptian Princess George Ebers  
82 Last Days of Pompeii Bulwer Lytton  
83 Silence of Dean Maitland Maxwell Grey  
84 Mayor of Casterbridge Thomas Hardy  
85 Little Loo W. Clark Russell  
86 She's All the World to Me Hall Caine  
87 Appalling Passion Sterle Mackaye  
88 Uncle Jeremiah C. M. Stevans 1895
89 Country Doctor Honore de Balzac  
90 Miss Polly Lopp Opie Read  
91 Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush Ian Maclaren  
92 Roberta Blanche Fearing  
93 Mormon Wife Grace Wilbur Trout  
94 Let Your Light So Shine Sam Jones  
95 Duty of Watchfulness Sam Jones  
96 Cloister and the Hearth Charles Reade  
97 Foul Play Charles Reade  
98 Very Hard Cash Charles Reade  
99 Put Yourself in His Place Charles Reade  
100 Ariadne Ouida  
101 Othmar Ouida  
102 Memoirs of a Physician Alexandre Dumas  
103 Joseph Balsamo Alexandre Dumas  
104 Queen’s Necklace Alexandre Dumas  
105 Debt of Hatred George Ohnet  
106 Nimrod & Co. George Ohnet  
107 Wife's Repentance George Ohnet  
108 Two Bad Blue Eyes Rita  
109 Origin of Species Charles Darwin  
110 One Fair Daughter Frank Frankfort Moore  
111 Banned and Blessed E. Werner  
112 Galloway Herd S. Rutherford Crockett  
114 Three-Stranded Yarn W. Clark Russell  
115 Portia The Duchess  
116 Mrs. Geoffrey The Duchess  
117 Ambitious Man Ella Wheeler Wilcox  
118 Bailiff’s Maid E. Marlitt  
119 Wooed and Married Rosa Nouchette Carey  
120 Barbara Heathcote's Trial Rosa Nouchette Carey  
121 Love or Diamonds M. H. Underwood  
122 In a Grass Country Mrs. H. Lovett Cameron  
123 Worth Winning Mrs. H. Lovett Cameron  
124 Life's Mistake Mrs. H. Lovett Cameron  
125 Devout Lover Mrs. H. Lovett Cameron  
126 Barkeep Stories Frank Hutcheson  
127 Fatal Secret Josephine E Barry  
128 Uncle Tom's Cabin Harriet Beecher Stowe  
129 Alhambra Washington Irving  
130 Sketch Book Washington Irving  
Format 1- Paperback. Issued semi-monthly. 25 cents each.

Series Notes:
1. George M. Hill added several books and published this series in 1898-1900 after the Weeks Publishing Company went out of business.
2. Publication dates of all of the books are not known as of yet.