Modern Authors Series

Topic: Miscellaneous fiction Publish Dates: 1897 Volumes: 25 two-volume sets Formats: 1
Title: Author: Year: Illustrator:
1 Romance of Two Worlds Marie Corelli  
1 Ardath Marie Corelli  
2 Vendetta Marie Corelli  
2 Wormwood Marie Corelli  
3 Second Wife E. Marlitt  
3 Old Mam'selle's Secret E. Marlitt  
4 Not Like Other Girls R. N. Carey  
4 Only the Governess R. N. Carey  
5 Micah Clarke Arthur Conan Doyle  
5 White Company Arthur Conan Doyle  
6 Deemster Hall Caine  
6 Bondman Hall Caine  
7 Shadow of a Crime Hall Caine  
7 Son of Hagar Hall Caine  
8 Treasure Island Robert Louis Stevenson  
8 Master of Ballantrae Robert Louis Stevenson  
9 Gold Elsie E. Marlitt  
9 Princess of the Moor E. Marlitt  
10 Lady with the Rubies E. Marlitt  
10 In the Schillingscourt E. Marlitt  
11 Wild Ass's Skin Honore de Balzac  
11 Country Doctor Honore de Balzac  
12 Hypatia Charles Kingsley  
12 Westward Ho! Charles Kingsley  
13 Cloister and the Hearth Charles Reade  
13 Put Yourself in His Place Charles Reade  
14 Memoirs of a Physician Alexandre Dumas  
14 Joseph Balsamo Alexandre Dumas  
15 Sketch Book Washington Irving  
15 Alhambra Washington Irving  
16 Chaplain's Daughter W. Heimburg  
16 For Another's Fault W. Heimburg  
17 Study in Scarlet Arthur Conan Doyle  
17 Sign of the Four Arthur Conan Doyle  
18 Mystery of Cloomber Arthur Conan Doyle  
18 My Friend the Murderer Arthur Conan Doyle  
19 Trumpet Major Thomas Hardy  
19 Mayor of Casterbridge Thomas Hardy  
20 Little Loo W. Clark Russell  
20 Three Stranded Yarn W. Clark Russell  
21 Kidnapped Robert Louis Stevenson  
21 Prince Otto Robert Louis Stevenson  
22 Dolly Dialogues Anthony Hope  
22 Change of Air Anthony Hope  
23 Nimrod & Co. George Ohnet  
23 Wife's Repentance George Ohnet  
24 Stickit Minister S. R. Crockett  
24 Galloway Herd S. R. Crockett  
25 Beauty's Daughters The Duchess  
25 O, Tender Dolores The Duchess  
Format 1- Weeks Publishing Company. Cloth. Gilt top. Bound in art linen. Back stamp in gold. Boxed 12 mo.