Modern Library of Choice Fiction

Topic: Miscellaneous fiction Publish Dates: 1895 Volumes: 60 Formats: 1
Title: Author: Year: Illustrator:
1 Micah Clarke Arthur Conan Doyle  
2 Study in Scarlet Arthur Conan Doyle  
3 Sign of the Four Arthur Conan Doyle  
4 Firm of Girdlestone Arthur Conan Doyle  
5 Captain of the Polestar Arthur Conan Doyle  
6 White Company Arthur Conan Doyle  
7 Second Wife E. Marlitt  
8 Owl's Nest E. Marlitt  
9 Princess of the Moor E. Marlitt  
10 Old Mam'selle's Secret E. Marlitt  
11 Lady with the Rubies E. Marlitt  
12 In the Schillingscourt E. Marlitt  
13 Gold Elsie E. Marlitt  
14 Special Correspondent Jules Verne  
15 Not Like Other Girls Rosa Nouchette Carey  
16 Only the Governess Rosa Nouchette Carey  
17 Romance of Two Worlds Marie Corelli  
18 Thelma Marie Corelli  
19 Ardath Marie Corelli  
20 Vendetta Marie Corelli  
21 Wormwood Marie Corelli  
22 Eyes Like the Sea Maurus Jokai  
23 Won by Waiting Edna Lyall  
24 First Violin Jessie Fothergill  
25 Deemster Hall Caine  
26 Bondman Hall Caine  
27 Shadow of a Crime Hall Caine  
28 Son of Hagar Hall Caine  
29 Lucile Owen Meredith  
30 Chaplain's Daughter W. Heimburg  
31 In the Depths W. Heimburg  
32 For Another's Fault W. Heimburg  
33 Memoirs of a Physician Alexandre Dumas  
34 Joseph Balsamo Alexandre Dumas  
35 Queen's Necklace Alexandre Dumas  
36 Debt of Hatred George Ohnet  
37 Nimrod & Co. George Ohnet  
38 Wife's Repentance George Ohnet  
39 Wedding Trip Emilia Pardo Bazan  
40 Treasure Island Robert Louis Stevenson  
41 Kidnapped Robert Louis Stevenson  
42 Black Beauty Anna Sewell  
43 Beauty's Daughters The Duchess  
44 Maiden All Forlorn The Duchess  
45 O, Tender Dolores The Duchess  
46 Duty Samuel Smiles  
47 Thrift Samuel Smiles  
48 Character Samuel Smiles  
49 Self Help Samuel Smiles  
50 Quill Driver E. Werner  
51 Alhambra Washington Irving  
52 Sketch Book Washington Irving  
53 Silence of Dean Maitland Maxwell Grey  
54 Hypatia Charles Kingsley  
55 Westward Ho! Charles Kingsley  
56 Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen  
57 Last Days of Pompeii Bulwer Lytton  
58 Last of the Mohicans J. Fenimore Cooper  
59 Origin of Species Charles Darwin  
60 Egyptian Princess George Ebers  
Format 1- E. A. Weeks and Company. Cloth. Various colors. Gilt top. 12 mo. $1.00 per book. 8 x 5.5.