Werner Library

Topic: Non fiction - historical Publish Dates: 1896 Volumes: 26 Formats: 1
Title: Author: Year: Illustrator:
1 Life of Longfellow W. Sloane Kennedy  
2 Life of Lincoln Phebe Hanaford  
3 Life of Bayard Taylor Russell Conwell  
4 Life of Daniel Webster Joseph Banvard  
5 Life of Lowell E. E. Brown  
6 Life of Holmes E. E. Brown  
7 Life of Whittier W. Sloane Kennedy  
8 Queens of Scotland-2 volumes Rosalie Kaufman  
9 Military Career of Napolean Montgomery Gibbs  
10 Steam, Steel and Electricity Jas. W. Steele  
11 Our Business Boys F. E. Clarke  
12 Queens of England- 3 volumes Rosalie Kaufman  
13 History of the Civil War Mrs. C. Emma Cheney  
14 History of America Hezekiah Butterworth  
15 History of Mexico Frederick Ober  
16 History of Russia Nathan Haskell Dole  
17 History of Spain Jas. A. Harrington  
18 History of China Robert K. Douglas  
19 History of Switzerland Harriet D. S. Mackenzie  
20 History of Egypt Clara Erskine Clement  
21 History of India Fannie Roper Feudge  
22 History of the Netherlands Alex Young  
23 History of Our Own Times- 2 volumes Justin McCarthy  
24 Rural Bird Life of England Charles Dixon  
25 Wonder Stories of History Mrs. Frances A. Humphry  
26 Wonder Stories of Travel Ernest Ingersoll  
Format 1- E. A. Weeks and Company. Cloth. Various colors. Stereotypical plant design on the front cover with gold gilt top and lettering. 7.5 x 5.25.

Series Notes:
1. This series was copyrighted by The Werner Company in 1895.
2. It is unclear what Weeks called this series. I have arbitrarily given the series the Werner name here.