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A Bibliography of 19th Century Children's Series Books

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Cary Sternick


This is far-and-away, the definitive reference for 19th century series book collectors.  With over 800 pages of information including thorough up-to-date book values, this guide is replete with bibliographic detail not available elsewhere.  It is a work nonpareil in its extensive coverage of this subject -- filled with information, color pictures, pricing information and more.  A thorough and comprehensive work which many have been waiting for for years, and certainly a "must have" for any collector of 19th century juvenile editions.


Until now, there were only specialty guides for specific authors such as Abbott, Alger, Castlemon, Optic & Stephens.  This reference guide fills a long-standing gap on the reference shelf of collectors, researchers, librarians & book dealers.  Not only does this reference encompass over 1,400 series throughout the 1800's, it is filled with comprehensive format information on the printings and variants of these series -- nearly 800 pages worth.


One of the most significant sections is an innovative and unequaled reference of 19th century publishers.    With over 300 publishers listed by date, addresses and title page imprints, this publisher section will enable you to date your book.  This section not only indicates the publishing house, but also the imprint used by that publishing entity.  By meticulously reviewing and compiling data on publishing name changes, address changes and imprint reassignments -- for the first time, this compelling breakthrough allows collectors, researchers & bibliographers to accurately assess the printing dates of their particular book. [Review by Newport Vintage Books]


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No 19th Century Childrens' Series Collector should be without this book.

Far and away the most comprehensive work of its kind.


Example from Publisher Index for Putnam Publishing (1848-1900s):

George Palmer Putnam (1848-1852)
Geo. P. Putnam & Co. (1852-1865)
G.P. Putnam and Son (1866-1870)
G.P. Putnam and Sons (1870-1872)
G.P. Putnam's Sons (1872-1900s)

155 Broadway (1848 -1852)

12 Park Place (1852)
10 Park Place (1852 -1855)
321 Broadway (1855 -1859)
115 Nassau Street (1859-1862)
441 Broadway (1863-1866)
661 Broadway (1866-1870)
Twenty-third Street and Fourth Avenue (1870-1876)
182 Fifth Avenue (1876-1881)
27-29 West Twenty-third Street (1881-1910)


This bibliography covers a myriad of authors including such well-knowns as:

Abbott, Jacob; Alger, Horatio; ALOE, Allen, Willis Boyd; Butterworth, Castlemon, Harry; Edgeworth, Maria; Ellis, Edward; Griswold, Samuel; Kellogg, Elijah; Leslie, Madeleine; Optic, Oliver; Otis, James; Parley, Peter; Robbins, S.S.; Sargent, George; Smith, Mary P. Wells; Stratemeyer, Edward; Tomlinson, Everett; Tucker, Charlotte; Warner, Susan and many more.


Some of the hundreds of series covered:

B.O.W.C., Boat Club, Boy Travelers, Knockabout, Ragged Dick, Rollo, Tom Brown, Zigzag; dozens upon dozens of publishers series and many more.


A few of the dozens of publishers covered :

Allen, Altemus, American Book Exchange, Applegate, Appleton, Belford, Bradbury, Brentano's, Brown, Burt, Caldwell, Carlton, Cassell, Chatterton Peck, Claxton, Coates, Crosby, Dodd Mead, Donahue, Dutton, Estes, Ellis, Harper, Higgins, Holt, Houghton, Hurst, Jacobs, Leavitt, Lippincott, Loring, Macmillan, McClurg, Merriam, Mershon, Nelson, Porter, Putnam, Scribner, Shepard, Stokes, Ticknor, Tomlinson, Wentworth and many more.


Featuring coverage of:

Including information on:

  • 1400+ Series

  • 10000+ Books

  • 500+ Authors

  • 300+  Publishers

  • Over 100 Color Images

  • Authors

  • Publishers

  • Series

  • Format Descriptions

  • Suggested Values


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