Federal Book Company (1902-1904)

In 1902 the board of directors of F. M. Lupton Publishing Company changed its name to the Federal Book Company. This allowed F. M. Lupton, Publisher to continue printing periodicals and magazines, while Federal published books. Apparently this was to alleviate confusion between F. M. Lupton Publishing Company and F. M. Lupton, Publisher.

Federal continued some Lupton series and added a number of new series.

The Acme Series, Windsor and Gilt Top are all holdovers from Lupton. New series include Souvenir Series, Red Series, New Souvenir Series, Popular Sets, Boys' Own Library, Boys' Popular Library, Girls' Popular Library, Horatio Alger, Jr. Series, Jack Harkaway Series, Henty Series, Henty Series-Presentation Edition, Medallion Series, Superb Series, Special Series, Popular, Library of Cloth Bound Books, Phoenix Edition, Southworth Series and Special List of Standard Works. There are also a number of paper bound series.

Acme Series

This series was first published by Lupton. Books with Lupton on the spine but Federal on the title page have been noted.


Aldis Series

This magazine was established in 1880 by Lupton. It was issued monthly and was 7 x 4.75.


Boys' Own Library (1904)

This large multi-authored series of reprints differs from the Boys' Popular Library by its larger number of volumes. The juvenile book titles are also different between the two series. Lounsberry, Standish , Merriwell, Alger (different titles), Ellis, etc. Originally these books were in the Street and Smith Boys Popular Series. Federal used the same plates to publish its series. How and why Federal obtained the Street and Smith plates is unclear. Also unclear is the exact number of books published in this series as advertisements list different books. Here are several examples of the covers.


Boys Popular Library

This multi-authored series of reprints highlight books by Optic, Alger, Kingston, Reid, etc. Originally these books were in the Street and Smith Boys Popular Series. Federal used the same plates to publish its series.


Copyright Books Series (1902)

Each title of these large 12 mos. books has its own inlaid panel (appliqué) of a reproduction oil painting on the front cover.


Elite Series (1902-1904)

This paperback series was initially a Lupton series and continued with Federal. The Federal books have a different format.


Gilt Top Series (1902-1904)

This series is a carry over from the Lupton era. All the books are reprints.


Girls' Popular Library (1904)

The 1904 catalogue begins with an "Important Announcement". It states that Federal has purchased from Messrs. Street and Smith their entire line of cloth bound books. They also noted that Federal has procured the "exclusive right- for several years - to publish all cloth bound editions of these books, for the trade".

Among the series mentioned was The Girls' Popular Library. The 12 mo. books were published with dust jackets and cost 50 cents each.


Henty in general:

A number of books with Hurst spines and Federal title pages have been seen. Some of these have Hurst copyrights of 1907 on the cover paste-on. Hurst must have obtained the Federal plates after Federal had stopped publishing.

Henty Series (1902-1903)

Federal published two Henty reprint Series. The Henty Series (shown here) consisted of 42 titles. These 12 mo. books came with dust jackets originally. Both this and the "new" Henty Series had the same 42 titles.

(New) Henty Series

This series of 42 Henty reprints was published in 1903-1904. It originally came with a dust jacket.


Horatio Alger, Jr. Series (1902)

This 12 mos. 36 volume series of Alger reprints was published in 1902. It has the same format as the Federal Jack Harkaway Series. The front cover of the book and the jacket is common to all the books of this series. The cover has been seen in several different colors.


Jack Harkaway Series (1902)

This 24 volume 12 mo. series of reprint Harkaway stories has the same format as Federal's Alger Series. These books came with dust jackets.


Medallion Series (1903)

This series of reprints was introduced in 1903 and does not appear in the 1904 catalogue.


Red Series

This 12 mo. multi authored multivolume series of reprints was published in 1903-1904. Some of the books still have Lupton title pages. Although these volumes have dust jackets, one has not been seen as of yet.


Southworth Series

This 45 volume series contains books only written by Emma D. E. N. Southworth.


New Souvenir Series

This is a 12 mos. series of 109 titles, all of which are reprints. The books originally came with dust jackets.


Souvenir Series (1903-1904)

This 132 cloth series of reprints was published with as of yet unseen dust jackets.


Special 12 Mos. (1903-1904)


Superb Series (1902)

This 106 volume series has inlaid panels on the cover. These panels have one of 12 different pictures of women from different countries. These books were published with dust jackets.


The Violet Series

This series was continued from the F. M. Lupton Company.


Windsor Series

This series is a continuation of the Lupton Windsor Series. All the 12 mos. books originally came with dust jackets.




Unknown Series

The books below undoubtedly belong to a series but I have been unable to determine which one. It is most likely that the books that have an appliqué on the front cover are part of the Souvenir or Medallion Series.