Arm Chair Library

This library of well read classics and fiction was started in 1893. Between 1893 and 1900 156 numbers were issued. Initially it was published weekly but later this changed to monthly. Approximate dating individual issues can be done by looking at the Lupton address and seeing in which years Lupton was at that address. (See here for that information)

The book right below is dated March 11, 1893. The Lupton address is on Reade Street. Since Lupton was on Reade street in 1893, this item was probably actually issued in 1893.

The book just below is also dated in 1893 but the Lupton address is on City Place. Since Lupton was at this address starting in 1902, this copy was not published in 1893 but rather sometime in 1902 or later.

In later Lupton periodicals, adevertisements for Lupton books list the Arm Chair Library volume numbers with the prefix "a".

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