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Even the expert can be stumped from time to time. There are times when I just cannot identify which series a book is from but I am sure that the book does belong to a series. After working with Altemus books over the years, the series books just have a certain feel to them. There are some instances where the series has not been advertised or listed anywhere, yet the book, its jacket or its box gives a series name (Series #65- Christmas Gift Series). There are other instances where there is not mention of a series but several books of the same format and style have been seen. In these instances I have arbitrarily given the series a name (See Series #205 Little Color Books Series).

Below are examples of books that undoubtedly are within a series but at this time the series cannot be identified. Click on the book cover for more information.

House of the Wolf

Scarlet Letter

Tanglewood Tales

Man Without a Country


Man Without a Country

John Ploughman's Talk

Charlotte Temple

Black Rock


Idylls of the King

Lady of the Lake

Emerson's Essays/Representative Men

Dream Life


Reveries of a Bachelor

Silas Marner

Sartor Resartus

Fanchon the Cricket


Tartarin of the Alps


Tom Brown's School Days

Shropshire Lad


Shropshire Lad

Shropshire Lad

Gold Dust



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