Cloth bound books:

Acme Series (1897-1902)

This 12 mos. series of reprints was published between 1897 and 1901. In 1897 the series had 175 titles. By 1901 the list had grown to 240 volumes. Although no dust jacket has been seen, it undoubtedly was published with one. This series was also published by Federal Book Company.


Ca. Between 1897-1899


Avon Series (1892-1897)

This is one of the earliest of Lupton's publisher's series. It was published between 1892 and about 1897.




Cambridge Series (1896)

This 12 mo 100 book series of reprints has silk cloth with gold tops. The appearance of the book of this series is unknown.


Colonial Series (1897)

This 1897 12 mo series had 120 titles. These books are 8 x 5.75.


Daisy Series (1898-1901)

The Daisy Series was a short lived collection of reprints published in several 16 mos. formats. There are 87 books in the series and all are reprints. This series was published between 1898 and 1901. Priority between the covers has not been established.





Gilt Top Series (1898-1902)

This 12 mo. series of approximately 250 reprints has been seen in two different formats which are shown below.




Gold Series (1897)

This series had a short run in 1897. The titles are all reprints. The books are 16 mos. and were published in 1897. A number of different right sided cover decorative designs have been seen.


Half calf 12 mos. (ca.1894)

These books have gold gilt tops.


Lenox Series (1892-1896)

These reprints were bound in three-quarter levant with gold vein and marbled sides.


Lupton Series for Boys (1899-1900)

This 12 mos. 58 title book series consists of reprinted titles of a number of famous boys' book authors including Oliver Optic, Mayne Reid, Jacob Abbott, etc.


Melville Series (1897)

This series of 16 mo. books consisted of 72 titles It was published in 1897. As with all of the cloth series books published by Lupton, the books originally came with dust jackets.


National Series (1896-1901)

This 12 mos. series of reprints has been seen with two different covers. At its peak it contained 104 titles.




Princeton Series (ca. 1894)

12 mos. Gold backs and plain sides.


Souvenir Series (ca. 1896)

These 16 mos. books were bound in half bindings. This book has the Walker Street address indicating an 1894-1899 publication.


Stratford Series (1892-1897)

These books were from one of the of the earliest Lupton cloth bound series. The series was first published in 1892. The books have gold gilt titles on the spine. There is a decorated embossed picture on the front of the book which is common to the entire 125 book series. This series was not published after 1897.


White Series (1900)

This 16 mos. series contained 170 books in 1900. This series includes only reprints.


Windsor Series (1897-1902)

This is one of the largest of Lupton's publisher's series. It was published from 1897 to 1902 by Lupton and thereafter by the Federal Book Company. There were several different cover changes noted during its publication history. 283 titles were in this series in 1897 and 417 titles in 1901.







Unknown Series

These 12 mos. books have the Walker Street address on the title page indicating an 1894-1899 publication date.

This book has a Xmas 95 inscription with the Walker Street address.

This book has ads with the 65 Duane Street address indicating an 1892-1894 publication.