Paperback Series:

Adelphi Series (1891-1896)

This 31 book series includes some of the works of Dickens, Thackeray, and George Eliot. You can date your copy by looking at the Lupton address. The dates on the upper right of the covers of any individual title are not helpful since they remained unchanged through the years of that title's publication.


Aldis Series 1898-

Each of the more than 400 titles have a scene from the book as an illustration on the front cover. This series was continued by the Federal Book Company.

It was published weekly and a year's subscription initially cost $10.00.


Arm Chair Library

This series of paperback novels was introduced in January of 1893. There were 152 novels issued in this series. The original date of publication is listed on the front cover but the actual date of publication can be approximated by looking at the Lupton address at the bottom and seeing when Lupton was at that address (addresses and dates are shown here). 61 books were published in the earlier format.

The post-1902 books (#62-152) have the later format.


Bijou Series (1892-)

This series was first published in 1892 with 79 titles. By 1899 the series had 129 titles. The book "She" was published while Lupton was on Walker street. As noted, Lupton was at Walker Street between 1894 and 1899. Thus despite the 1892 date on the top right of the book cover, the book was published later. The March 28, 1892 date indicates when this title was first published by Lupton in this series.


Elite Series

This paperback series was published first in 1892. Initially there were 38 books. The title list was expanded such that by 1901 there were 425 books in the series list. Determining the date of publication can be done by looking at the Lupton address. Note that the date on the book is the original publication date. The Lupton address can indicate a later date of publication for the particular book. This series with a change in format was continued by the Federal Book Company. (See here)

(52 Duane Street address)-1899-1902


Golden Rod Series- 1899

In 1899 this series had 101 titles and at its peak had 166 volumes. This periodical was published semi-weekly and cost $12.00 per subscription per year.


Hammock Series (1893-1896)

Not much is known about this series. Included below is a list of books #40-87.
A different hard cover Hammock Series published earlier by Henry A. Sumner in the early 1880's needs to be distinguished.


Idle Hour Series (1892)


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Southworth Series

This series of 124 books sold for 25 cents each. These books were published in 1898 through 1901. The book shown below was printed in December, 1898.


Souvenir Series (1892-1894)

This paperbound series of 71 books was published between 1892 and 1894.


Violet Series

This series of 129 books was published between 1900 and 1901. It is "standard fiction ... especially for women readers". This was continued by the Federal Book Company. The book below was published in April, 1900.