F. M. Lupton, Publisher

This company was best known for its publication of the People's Home Journal. It was printed between 1880 ?1886 and 1929. Lupton also owned the Periodical Press. It also published McClure's Magazine which it took out of receivership in 1921. It incorporated in about 1922 and became F. M. Lupton. Publisher, Inc.


American Library 1886

This journal (7.75" x 5.25") was published every other week beginning on August 15th, 1886. Each issue cost 3 cents. Copies are quite scarce. The only issue I have seen has articles about farming and beekeeping.

The articles appear to have been published elsewhere initially. There are two articles in the copy shown below. The first is numbered pp. 37 -57 while the second article is numbered pp. 232-240.


Arm Chair Library

This library of well read classics and fiction was started in 1893. Between 1893 and 1900 156 numbers were issued. Initially it was published weekly but later this changed to monthly. Approximate dating individual issues can be done by looking at the Lupton address and seeing in which years Lupton was at that address. (See here for that information)

The book right below is dated March 11, 1893. The Lupton address is on Reade Street. Since Lupton was on Reade street in 1893, this item was probably actually issued in 1893.

The book just below is also dated in 1893 but the Lupton address is on City Place. Since Lupton was at this address starting in 1902, this copy was not published in 1893 but rather sometime in 1902 or later.

In later Lupton periodicals, adevertisements for Lupton books list the Arm Chair Library volume numbers with the prefix "a".


Chimney Corner Series

This series at its peak had 189 volumes. Later advertisements in Lupton periodicals list the books of this series with a "c" prefix. This series was published from 1893 into the early 1900's.


Cricket on the Hearth

This periodical was first published in 1872. It apparently fell on hard times and was revived by F. M. Lupton and Company in December, 1875. It is a large (11 x 16) sixteen page monthly literary magazine. By 1885 S.H. Moore (of F. M. Lupton and Co.) had taken over the publication of this journal as S. H. Moore and Co. After a very successful run, this journal was merged into The Ladies' World in 1889.


Fairy Voices

This monthly eight page 22 x 34 journal was established in 1883.


Famous Fiction by the World's Greatest Authors

This was a monthly periodical which was available by subscription for $3.00 per year. It was established in 1894.


Farm and Household

This monthly periodical was established in 1884. These periodicals were 8 pages long and were 22 x 32.


Fireside at Home

This monthly 36 page periodical was established in 1880. It was 8 x 11. This periodical was renamed Ladies' World in 1886. The latter journal was published by S. H. Moore & Company. Stuart H. Moore was one of the original partners with Lupton when F. M. Lupton and company was established in 1875.


Good Literature (1892-1910)

This monthly periodical came into existence in 1892. It also was a large tabloid. Good Literature was 11 x 16. The circulation was as high as 363,000 in 1902. The magazines were reprinted numerous times using the original publication date. Thus the actual date of publication can be estimated by looking at Lupton's address. In 1910 it was merged into People's Home Journal.


Illustrated Home Guest

This periodical was a monthly Lupton publication which was established in 1892. Subscribers could purchase this 11 x 16 periodical for 35 cents/year. It was a literary magazine that included the works of famous authors including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sylvanus Cobb, Jr., Charlotte Braeme, etc. It appears to have stopped publication in 1895.


Leisure Hour Library

The Leisure Hour Library included the "best and most popular works of the leading authors of America and Europe". Dickens, Doyle, Scott, Reade, Wilkie Collins are examples of just a few of the writers. When the series was first established in 1882 single issues were priced at 3 cents each. Titles were published twice a week.

This Library was published in three series ending its run in 1906.


People's Handbook Series

New books in this semi-monthly series were published between 1893 and 1901 with volumes #1-66. Thereafter the reprinted pamphlets were published for several years. Approximate dating of these books can be done by looking at the Lupton address at the top of the cover and correlating it with the address/date list here. Its content varied with topics outside the mainstream of medicine to law, magic, song books, etc.

In post 1901 magazines the books of this series were numbered with the "h" prefix.


People's Home Journal

This monthly Journal was published between 1896 and 1929. Serialized fiction by authors of the day was its main content. It was a large 11 x 16 periodical.

Interestingly in 1880 Lupton published Vol. 1 No. 1 of the People's Home Library. The masthead is different from the later magazine and it is only 8 x 11. This may have been a short-lived early attempt to publish the very successful Journal which was established in 1885.

Below is the 1880 People's Home Library.




Rural Home Journal (1880-)

This magazine was established in 1880. It was issued monthly and was 22 x 34.


Tomahawk (1884-)

This is a monthly journal that was established in 1884. This 24 page periodical is 22 x 34.