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The following are questions submitted via email by our visitors.

If you have a question about Altemus books that you'd like answered please click on the Questions link at the bottom left of this page.

We recommend that those inquiring about the identification of a particular book format send pictures along with their question.


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Questions & Answers
Date Series Num Information
06 Feb 2012 48

Beauxarts Series

Q:  I am very interested in obtaining more information on this book (A Christmas Carol). The copyright date is 1899. I did not find this book front format in your listed designs. Thank you very much.

A:  This book is part of the Beauxarts Series. This publisher's series of reprints was printed between 1897 and 1902. During this time frame there were four different covers. Your cover was published between 1899 and 1901. I have seen five different colors with this decorative pattern.

As with all of this series' books, it is a reprint. Nonetheless, many Dickens' collectors are interested in these decorative books. Thus, the value would be quite unpredictable.

05 Feb 2012 179

Vademecum Series

Q:  I would like to get some more info on this book please (The Raven and Other Poems by Edgar Allan Poe).

A:  See ../series/series179.htm for more information.

This book is part of the Vademecum Series. This series includes various reprints of fiction, essays, poetry, etc.

Your book is a reprint and published in 1894-1895.

This book only has nominal value.

04 Feb 2012 69

Classics Series

Q:  Hello, I was given this book (Poe's Poems) and it has no date or anything, but it reads henry altemus company after a few blank pages. Curious about it. Thank you.

A:  You can find your book's format here: ../series/series69.htm

It is part of the 76 volume Classics Series. This series of reprints originally was published with a dust jacket.

This is a 1907-1908 book.

It only has nominal value.

19 Jan 2012 180

Vademecum Series

Q:  I looked through the series numbers I saw you'd recommended for copies of The Scarlet Letter and didn't see any covers similar to this one (though I might have missed it). Might you be able to identify this copy? Just curious as to when it was published. The picture in the third photograph was copyrighted in 1899, so I know it was sometime after that.

A:  This cover format was published in 1902 as part of the Vademecum Series. This series consisted of reprints of various works of fiction, poetry, essays, etc. Any one of more than forty paintings could possibly be seen within the gold gilt on the cover.

For all the different possibilities see ../vademecum.htm.

18 Jan 2012 202

Young People's Library Format 3

Q:  Hi. I was wondering if you could tell me anything about this book (The Little Lame Prince). My grandma bought it at a garage sale, I believe.

A:  This book is part of the Young People's Library, Format 3.

See ../series/series202F3.htm

You can date the book by looking at the ads in the back and using the information on the page above. This format was published between 1902 and 1923. These books originally came with a dust jacket.

Because it is a reprint in poor shape, it has little value.

17 Jan 2012 87

Favorite Series

Q:  HióFinally took some photos of the book. I would like to know if there is a market for a first edition 1896 of ďAltemus' Favorite Series The Fables of Aesop.Ē Itís in fairly good condition, binding still fine, with beat-up but readable dust jacket. There is a raven or crow dropping a ball into an urn on the dust jacket and cover. There is a stamped name and date on the inside first blank page, but I havenít seen any other marks except for some slight grease marks (fingers?) on a few pages. I have looked online and couldnít find any other copies for sale or wanted, and only found it listed on your site. Please advise.

A:  Your book is part of Altemus' Favorite Series. This is a series of nineteen books which are all reprints came in two different formats. The book above is a second format book (1902-1910) and the covers of this format are the same as those in the Young People's Library. See ../series/series87.htm

The date of publication can be determined by looking at the ads in the back of the book and following the information in the "series notes" on the page above. This book is a reprint.

I think it is a very nice book especially because you have the original dust jacket. It can be hard to estimate the value. Generally this book with the jacket would sell for about $15-25. Dealers might list it for much more but unless someone just has to have it, the book will remain unsold. Sometimes a similar book will not sell at all at any price. I guess you just never know.

16 Jan 2012 202

Young People's Library- Format 1

Q:  I am so glad I found your website. I have been trying really hard to find the value of a book I have. It is a henry altemus book. altemus young peoples library. I actually found the book on your site and info just not the value. It is series #202, volume #8, not the first edition. The book is in very good condition. I would greatly appreciate any assistance you could be. I have attached three pictures for your consideration.

A:  This book is part of the First Format of the Young People's Library. The books of this format are much less commonly found then the later formats of this series. Swiss Family Robinson was published between 1896-1898 in this style. The cover has been seen in several different colors.

It appears that you have a very nice book. The site does not give any values because prices can change with time and are also quite dependent upon condition. In my experience this book would sell for less than $20. Of course you never know when someone just has to have a book but that price is what I have seen over quite a number of years.

15 Jan 2012 131

Mother Goose Series

Q:  My grandmother left me several old books, one of them is Beauty and the Beast and other stories. Can you help provide me with confirmation of information about this book, possibly its value if there is any, and is it possibly a 1st edition. Iím considering selling it and need to verify what I have and what it may be worth if possible. Any help you can offer would be much appreciated

A:  You can determine the edition of your book by looking here: ../series/series131.htm

It is a second format book in the Mother Goose Series. The first format books have a colored left sided cover vellum. Compare the pictures. The first format book has red vellum on the left of the cover.

Your book is a reprint and without a dust jacket will be difficult to sell for more than a few dollars.

04 Jan 2012 180

Vademecum Series

Q:  I have a copy of this book and can't find a picture of it on your site or on ebay or amazon. The book is approximately 4 x 6 and appears the be leather bound. It is a greenish maybe teal color cover it has a small picture in the center with a three story maybe store front with a awning over one door or window. It does not have a copy write date in it. The third page is a picture it reads at bottom see page 15. the next page is green and red top-John Bunyan middle-The Pilgrim's Progress bottom-Philadelphia Henry Altemus Company. Any idea how I can find out the value I can't find anything to compare it to.

A:  Your book is part of the Vademecum Series. It was published in 1907.

In 1907, the Vademecum Series had the cover pattern of your book with one of more than forty possible pictures within the cover decoration.

If you look at the Vademecum site (../vademecum.htm), you will see that your book's picture is #9 and the book cover is shown as a 1907 cover.

Because this title is a reprint and your book is in poor shape, it probably has no value.

03 Jan 2012 163

Sanspareil Series

Q:  I would like to know what series this book is or any information you can give me on this book? It's copyright date is 1895 and titled Poe's Poems. Value?

A:  Your book was published in 1899 as part of the Sanspareil Series.

See ../series/series163.htm.

It is a reprint and generally sells for only a few dollars. There are a number of Poe collectors that sometimes however will pay more than I think the book is worth.

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