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Book publishers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries used a number of means to promote their latest works. Trade magazines such as Publishers' Weekly were packed with the latest publishers' offerings. Some companies sent out fliers to bookstores and potential customers. Altemus mainly used inserts placed into books. Sometimes these consisted of a mini-catalogue of books. Other times the ads were a single sheet advertising several books. Although I have accumulated a number of these over the years, I am convinced that what you see here is just the tip of the ad iceberg.

During the 90 plus year history of the Altemus publishing firm it published more than books, photographic albums, Bibles etc. Altemus not only bound books for others in the early years but produced numerous items under the Altemus & Co. imprint for others needing paper items. In this section some of these items will be shown.


Click thumbnail images to enlarge.


Date Series Information
17 May 2017 180

Salesman Sample Series 180 Vademecum Series 1903


Here is an extremely rare item from the Henry Altemus Company. Whether this was a salesman sample of covers or some sort of marketing aid is unknown. My guess is that this piece was used to show store owners the variety of covers that Altemus books could be found with and how this variety could help sales.

Between 1901 and 1907 some of the Altemus' Vademecum Series' books had appliqué covers with European paintings. More than 40 different ones have been seen. In most instance several different cover pictures could be put together to form a larger illustration. See: http://www.henryaltemus.com/vademecum.htm

The cover templates below were from books published in 1903. Very interesting is that the title: "Allegories of the Heart" which is on the fourth cover from the left was never published by Altemus.

I have seen one similar item over the years. That item has three of the six 1904 Wee Books for Wee Folk's Series' covers.


26 Jul 2016 NS

Altemus envelope


After Altemus stopped publishing books, it still produced blank books and did some printing with the Altemus & Co. name. Here is an envelope from 1937. As has been noted before, most of these blank books have no Altemus identifying features and therefore are very hard to locate.


14 May 2016 0

Series #1-34 Juvenile Series Ad 1912


This accordion advertising flyer has eight panels per side making it the largest of its type that I have seen. It is from 1912. It noted a number of 1912 books but no 1913 publications.

The first two titles in the Range and Grange as well as the Boys of Steel series are listed. They are all 1912 volumes. The third and fourth books in these series are not mentioned. The first two books in the Young Engineers Series are advertised but the 1913 third title in the series is not.

Side 1





02 May 2015 43

Arkansaw Bear Series


This two page flyer advertises The Arkansaw Bear by Albert Bigelow Paine. It is 6.25" x 3.5". It advertises book #1 in the series. The pamphlet has a number of illustrations by Frank Ver Beck. These pictures are all in the book.

This advertising piece was probably published 1902-1910 time frame.


18 Apr 2015 NS

Unknown format- 1890's Advertising Flyer


Here is a one sided advertising piece for Natural Law in the Spiritual World. This little flyer is 6" x 3.5".

There is no evidence that this title was published as a non series book.

Based on the address and general look of the flyer, it was published in the 1890-1894 era.

In this time frame Natural Law in the Spiritual World appeared in three series:

Altemus Library
Fairmount Series
Laurel Series

The books in these series did not cost 50 cents and were not "maroon and white" as per the flyer.

Thus, a mystery.


14 Apr 2015 NS

Non Series #124 Advertising Flyer


This one page, one sided flyer advertises two different The Scarlet Letter formats which were published in 1892. Thus, I believe this flyer was printed in 1892 also.

The book pictured on the flyer has an identical format to an 1891 Addresses by Drummond book. It is unclear whether these books belong in a series.

This little flyer is 6" x 3.5".


11 Apr 2015 NS

Pilgrim Publishing Company, Philadelphia (Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress)- Salesman Sample Book


Here is the Altemus Edition of this title which was published for the Pilgrim Publishing Company. This book appears to be a salesman's sample since the red cover is pasted onto a blank cloth cover and it only contains some of the 266 pages of the original book.

The advertisement in the back notes the regular price and the price to subscribers. Unfortunately no other evidence regarding this as a salesman's sample is present.

Based on the copyright page, this volume is an early Format 2 edition and was published in the early 1890's. (See: http://www.henryaltemus.com/images/NS_28.htm)

This is the second copy of this title that I have now seen that Altemus published for another company. (See: http://www.henryaltemus.com/publications/HACMisc.htm)


25 Feb 2015 78

Salesman Dummy Book Dore's Masterpieces


This sample book is from the early 1890's. The door to door publisher's representative would show this book to prospective buyers. This book highlights Format 1 of the Dore's Masterpieces Series.

This is the second Salesman Sample book of this series that I have seen. This book differs a bit from the other one. Its condition is not quite as good and I think two of the covers that would have been part of the book may have been removed.

The external covers have Milton's Paradise Lost and Dante's Inferno. Note that the other sample book has these two covers internally. Milton's Paradise Lost was bound upside down. The covers are 12" x 9.75".


Inside the front cover are three sample spines.


Within the book are excerpts from Dore's Bible Gallery, Dante's Inferno, and Milton's Paradise Lost. Interestingly a one page flyer advertising Paradise Lost is tipped in at the first page of its excerpt.


In the back are a number of pages of customers who had ordered one ofthese books. The addresses are all in the northern California area (Sacramento, Stockton, etc.)


30 Aug 2014 NS

Altemus Correspondence


Here is a 1927 letter from the Henry Altemus Company to an unknown Book Review Editor touting the greatness of the Wages of Peril written by Jack Bechdolt. The letter summarizes the plot of the book.

There is a note on the bottom of the letter which says " Did not review".


31 Jan 2014 NS

Altemus Bindery


Women of the Old and New Testament Published by D. Appleton & Company 1850

Interesting that this 1850 title has been seen with two different bindings. The bindery identifier is noted on the bottom right of an endpaper: "Altemus Binder Philade"

I am not familiar with any other title that had two different Altemus bindings in one year.



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