American Publishers of the Tom Brown Series Alphabetically

John B. Alden (1879-1908)
Wm. L. Allison (Co.) (1869-1899)
Henry Altemus (1842-1936)
American Book Exchange (1881)
American News Company (1882, 1889, 1901)
American Publisher's Corporation (ca. 1896-1897)
Henry Ashmead (1877)
Belford, Clarke and Company (1880's)
Bonanza Publishing Company (Early 1890's)
Burrows Brothers Company (1887)
A. L. Burt Company (1883-late teens)
Butler Brothers (1887)
H. M. Caldwell (1896-1913)
Chatterton-Peck Company (1906)
Henry T. Coates and Company (1895-1904)
P. F. Collier & Son (1903)
W. B. Conkey Company (Early 1900's)
Thomas Y. Crowell (1879-1902)
William H. Davis (1891)
Dewolfe, Fiske and Company (early 1880's)
Dodd, Mead and Company (1870-1876)
Donnelley, Loyd and Company (1875-1876)
Donohue Brothers (1900)
M. A. Donohue and Company (1901)
Donohue, Henneberry and Company (1890's)
Educational Publishing Company (1894)
Estes and Lauriat (1894)
Federal Book Company (1902-1904)
R. F. Fenno and Company (1895)
Fields, Osgood and Co. (1868-1871)
Ginn & Company (1889)
S. W. Green's Son (1882)
Grosset and Dunlap (Post-1922)
Harper and Brothers (1860-1882)
Henneberry Company (1901-1907)
Geo. M. Hill Company (1899)
Home Library Association (Mid-1880's)
Homewood Publishing Company (early 1900's)
Houghton, Miflin and Company
Houghton, Osgood and Company (1878-1880)
Hovendon Company (1892)
Hurst & Company (1883)
International Book Company (1890-1892)

Laird and Lee (1892)
J. B. Lippincott & Co. (1869-1885)
D. Lothrop and Company (ca. 1882)
Lovell Brothers and Company (1893)
Lovell, Coryell and Company (1893-1897)
Frank F. Lovell and Co. (Late 1880's)
John W Lovell (1878-1893)
F. M. Lupton Publishing Company (1892-1902)
Macmillan and Company (1870-1900's)
S. A. Maxwell and Company (1887)
Mercantile Publishing Company (1888)
Merrill and Baker (Early 1900's)
The Mershon Company (late 1890's-1907)
George Munro (1879)
George Munro's Sons (1893-1906)
N. L. Munro (1877-1878)
F. Tennyson Neely (1898-1899)
New York Publishing Company (1895)
North American Publishing Company (1893)
J. S. Ogilvie (1889)
James R. Osgood and Company (1871-1878)
Isaac Pitman and Sons (1900)
Pollard and Moss (1889)
Porter and Coates (1867-1895)
John E. Potter and Company (1883)
Rand, McNally and Company (Late 1890's)
Reid, Murdoch and Fischer (1885-1886)
Ross Publishing Company (1887-1888)
School Library Association (1890)
Frederick A. Stokes and Brother (1887-1890)
Street and Smith
Syndicate Trading Company (1880's)
Thompson & Thomas (Late 1890's)
Ticknor and Fields (1857-1869)
Trade Publishing Co.
Universal Publishing Company (Late 1880's-1890's)
John Wanamaker (1897)
West & Johnston (1861)
White, Stokes and Allen (1883-1887)
John C. Winston Company (1905)
The World Syndicate Publishing Co. (1928)
R. Worthington (1874-1893)